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Incepto lauches its AI solution

🎉🌍We are thrilled to share that Incepto #Europe is launching !🌍🎉Today, over 100 000 patients per month are benefited already in #France and #Switzerland from Incepto’s #AI solutions. Now we are opening Incepto #Germany, Incepto #Italy, and Incepto #Iberia ! Where we will continue to follow our mission; to bring AI to the service of patients and doctors.

Incepto is the European platform for applied AI: unified, secure and seamlessly integrated into your clinical workflows and your workstations (RIS/PACS/Viewer).
We’ve grown a lot since the launch of Incepto. Discover here → our teams, our premises, our expertise and the culture that are driving our success.

☀️We are forever thankful to everyone who has joined us in this journey. Thank you to our partners, for believing that we can change the world together. Thank you to all the healthcare professionals, that have joined forces with us for the future of radiology. Thank you Inceptis, for sharing your talent and passion everyday among Incepto and with our clients and partners.

⚡️Come learn more about us at the ECR booth AI-37 !⚡️

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