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Launch of Vik Atopic Dermatitis in Arabic

After taking Vik Atopic Dermatitis to 9 countries and in four different languages, our main goal remains guiding patients through their search for a healthier life.

🙌 We are happy to announce the launch of Vik Atopic Dermatitis in Arabic, available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)! More patients and loved ones can now have access to medically approved content and functionalities and get all the support needed to live better with atopic Dermatitis.

A shout-out to the teams involved in this project 👏 Halim El khouryJeremy BuscaAdrien BoherGuillaume SuiffetLucas TidasAntonin VALAlexandre JosseNicolas LaporteClaire De GiovanniJean BezetArthur GuillemasséMarie Bidault des ChaumesMarine DanielLaisa LopesCharlotte Font ArmengolCynthia MoukarzelCamélia Ah-LoJulie DelormeAxel ValléeCyril CourréeArthur Jean-AngèleGéraud Moustial

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Launch of Vik Colorectal in Spain

We are proud to announce the launch of Vik Colorectal in Spain! Developed with the institutional support of Pierre Fabre Group, our newest virtual companion will support patients and their loved ones living with colorectal cancer!

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