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MyPL wins €1.1 Million European Union grant as part of Horizon Europe 2020 GerOnTe[1] project out of a total of €5.9 Million

by Jean-Alexandre Kaminisky, 2021-03-16

MyPL wins €1.1 Million European Union grant as part of Horizon Europe 2020 GerOnTe[1] project out of a total of €5.9 Million

A world first in oncology: the GerOnTe clinical trial puts the power of MyPL’s software platform at the centre of a new way of organising care for elderly cancer patients

Paris-Bordeaux, March 16, 2021 – MyPL-My Personal Lifescope, a French e-health start-up offering a software platform to enhance the value of patient data for healthcare professionals, is to receive a European grant of 1.1 million euros. This grant is awarded within the framework of the GerOnTe project, a European clinical trial which focuses on cancers in the multi-morbid elderly[2]. The software platform aims to support decision-making by healthcare teams, reduce healthcare costs, streamline the patient’s care pathway and improve quality of life. 

“With the entire GerOnTe consortium, we are very proud to have been selected by the European Union within this highly competitive H2020 process. With our innovative approach to augmented personalised medicine through Tumor Board meetings, we, at MyPL, will provide support in the project of reorganising oncology care which we will extend to the overall patient-care process. The European clinical trial will allow us to clinically demonstrate the impact of our digital solution.” explains Christophe Vergne, Co-Founder and CEO of MyPL.

Funded by the European Union to the tune of €5.9 millionthe GerOnTe project is based on streamlined geriatric and oncology assessment – leveraging new technologies – for a holistic patient-centred care management. The solution will enable comprehensive management of elderly patients who suffer from multimorbidity, taking into account not only their treatment but also physical, emotional, psychological and quality of life parameters (diet, stress, lifestyle, etc.).

“The GerOnTe project aims at changing patient management to include shared and collective medical decision-making, by integrating all patient health data so that all practitioners have a comprehensive view of the patient’s cancer and other diseases with a skill-level of a specialist. Both the medical team and the patients stand to gain from this new large-scale project that is a first of its kind in the world.” emphasizes Professor Pierre Soubeyran, a specialist in onco-geriatrics at the University of Bordeaux and a hospital practitioner at the Bergonié Institute, Comprehensive Cancer Centre – Unicancer.

Under the coordination of Prof. Pierre Soubeyran, the project brings together a strong consortium of 7 European academic institutions (the University of Bordeaux, the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium, the Diakonessenhuis Foundation in the Netherlands, the University College and National University of Ireland, the Dublin City University, the Bocconi University in Milan), the digital literacy association of senior citizens, E-seniors, the French e-health start-up MyPL and the International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG) based in Switzerland.

A Paradigm Shift to Patient-Centred Care

The medical approach currently proposed for multimorbid elderly patients is centred on the disease and on the management by a specialist. The goal of the GerOnTe project is to innovate and offer a global, patient-centred approach that is coordinated by an advanced practice nurse, in direct contact with the patient and his or her carer and in close collaboration with the health-care professionals (local/town and hospital). 

A First-Of-Its-Kind in the World: a European Digital Oncogeriatric Clinical Trial in the First Half of 2022

Backed by the powerful MyPL health data visualisation tool, the European clinical trial results will reveal the effectiveness of patient-centred care and its numerous impacts at the organisational, quality of care and economic levels (time savings for doctors/practitioners, decrease in hospitalisations, etc.). GerOnTe will also provide new guidelines and country-specific best practices for an tailored roll-out at the European level and a better management of multi-morbid elderly patients in order to improve their quality of life and their autonomy.

About Tumor Board Meetings (TBM)

One of the fundamental steps in the care pathway for a cancer patient is the presentation of the patient’s case during a so-called Tumor Board Meeting (TBM) which brings together all the health-care professionals involved with the patient (oncologist, radiotherapist, surgeon, anatomopathologist, radiologist, biologist, etc.). The patient’s assessment and diagnosis are further discussed, validated or completed by the specialists who eventually come up with the best therapeutic strategy, including possible inclusion in a clinical trial. 

About MyPL-My Personal Lifescope

MyPL offers a disruptive innovation in disease management with its patient-centric e-health software platform through a unique holistic approach to patient data.

MyPL’s unique data visualisation system automates the centralisation of data and the presentation of patient profiles in the form of an intelligent dashboard, facilitating the exchange and decision-making process between healthcare professionals.

Focused on oncology TBMs, the MyPL clinical decision support algorithm enables healthcare professionals to choose, determine and monitor the best therapeutic strategies in a faster and more efficient way. The presence in TBMs is a strategic momentum in the patient care pathway that offers a strong potential for the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in data management related to the development and management of targeted therapies. 

Thanks to its unique cloud-based architecture, MyPL ensures interoperability between information systems, data protection and traceability, implements the unique capabilities of Machine Learning and enables rapid deployment of the platform in healthcare services.

The Directors and Founders of MyPL :

Christophe Vergne, former General Manager of companies in the health industry (oncology, personalized medicine & patient monitoring) 

Jean-Alexandre Kaminisky, intrapreneur and former Chief Operations Officer in highly innovative companies 

Dr Magali Lacroix-Triki, personalized medicine and renowned breast cancer pathologist at the Gustave Roussy Institute 

MyPL contact : Christophe Vergne – +33 6 45 46 06 69

Press contact :  Agnès Gilbert – +33 6 84 61 30 71 

[1]The GerOnTe project (Streamlined Geriatric and Oncological evaluation based on IC Technology for holistic patient-oriented healthcare management for older multimorbid patients) has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 945218.

[2]Over 65s (+20% of the EU population) suffering from several diseases simultaneously