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PKvitality finalized its €6m Series A with a significant investment from EIC Fund

Paris, January 28, 2022 – PKvitality, a French company specializing in bio-wearables, finalized a funding round of €6m, including an investment from the EIC Fund (European Innovation Council Fund). Other contributors to this round are Business Angels, EIT Health, alongside current investors on board, including Beurer GmbH. This round will accelerate the development of K’Watch Glucose, a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) embedded in a smartwatch for diabetes patients.

Further to recent milestones, where PKvitality delivered on a functional K’Watch and excellent pre-clinical results, this funding round will enable the company to deliver its First In Human studies. These studies, which started at the end of 2021, shall demonstrate the precision of K’Watch Glucose system, leading to more extensive clinical trials.

PKvitality received its Series A investment with catalyzing participation from EIC Fund. The investment in equity complements the European Innovation Council (EIC) grant €2.29m. Throughout its participation, the EIC Fund aims to crowd in private investors to support the further development and growth of the company.

EIC has chosen PKvitality as one of the top innovative companies to offer a unique solution to a significant global issue: today, the diabetic population is estimated to be 537m1 adults. One person in the world dies every six seconds from the consequences of diabetes due to poor diabetes self-management. Economically, this disease costs the EU health systems more than $160 billion per year2. Diabetes management mainly relies on Blood Glucose (BG) concentration to be monitored several times per day. An overwhelming majority of patients do not monitor their glucose levels adequately. K’Watch Glucose project aims to facilitate the lives of millions of people with diabetes by offering a painless, discrete-continuous glucose monitor. K’Watch is composed of a smartwatch and its consumable part, placed at the back of the watch, using micropoints to measure the glucose level continuously.

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