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TransCure bioServices is AAALAC Accredited

TransCure bioServices is proud to announce that our facility is now fully accredited by the AAALAC, a compelling achievement rewarding hard-work and dedication to the humane and responsible care and use of animals.

Most importantly, our AAALAC accreditation is a commitment to continually improving animal welfare and the quality of the science that we produce. It makes TransCure bioServices the best partner for your in vivo research in humanized mice.

Read below the Council’s conclusion:

“The Council commends you and the staff for providing and maintaining a quality programme of laboratory animal care and use. Especially noteworthy were the clear and complete Programme Description; the collegial and open atmosphere during the site visit; the involvement of all staff in the culture of care, continuous improvement and AAALAC International accreditation efforts; the clean and well designed animal facility; and the appearance of healthy and well cared for animals. The Council is pleased to inform you that the programme conforms with AAALAC International standards as set forth by the European Convention for the Protection of Vertebrate Animals Used for Experimental and Other Scientific Purposes, Council of Europe (ETS 123); French implementing legislation; and theGuide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, NRC 2011. Therefore, FULL ACCREDITATION is awarded”

At TransCure bioServices, our humanized mouse models are used to develop cutting-edge drugs for major biotech and pharma companies around the world. Today, we are proud to announce our latests milestone: TransCure bioServices is fully AAALAC Accredited.

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