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Our latest deals : Domain Therapeutics ($42M series A), Ludocare (€4.2M Seed), Spine Innovations (M&A sell-side, un-disclosed amount), Neurofenix ($7M series A), Incepto (€27M series B)

Launch of Vik Atopic Dermatitis in the United States

🇺🇸 After expanding to six countries this year, Vik Atopic Dermatitis completes the world tour with one more launch: the USA! ​

🌎​ We’re proud of Vik AD‘s trajectory empowering thousands of people around the world with medically validated content, improving their quality of life, and providing support throughout their care journey.

Developed with the support of patients, associations, and healthcare professionals, our virtual companion:
☝️ Provides answers to all questions 24/7
🗣 Shares tips, daily inspiration, and patient testimonials
⏰ Helps patients monitor their illness (such as symptoms, treatment, appointment reminders, etc.).

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