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Our latest deals : Domain Therapeutics ($42M series A), Ludocare (€4.2M Seed), Spine Innovations (M&A sell-side, un-disclosed amount), Neurofenix ($7M series A), Incepto (€27M series B)

Wefight annouces its partnership with Pierre Fabre Group

It’s launch day! 🚀​ We’re proud to announce the launch of Vik Atopic Dermatitis in 3 new countries: Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom!

Vik AD is a virtual companion for patients and loved ones who live with atopic dermatitis, a chronic inflammatory disease that substantially impacts the quality of life.
Already present in France and Germany, we’re excited to expand Vik AD around the world this year.
Developed with the support of patients, associations and physicians, Vik AD:
☝️ Provides answers to all questions 24/7
🗣 Shares tips, daily inspiration, and patient testimonials
⏰ Helps patients monitor their illness (such as symptoms, treatment, appointment reminders, etc.).
Download it here: 
​👏​ A show of hands to all of those involved! Philippe Fernandes, PhDGwendolyn JauffretEmma RousseauLucas TidasTristan VoironOlman Hidalgo MuñozBelén López-CancioGauthier GuicherdLara Bellini, PhDAna Marchal QuesadaLynn KhouryAxel BouletMonia Souidi, AADA (Asociación de Afectados por la Dermatitis Atópica)

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